Friday, 24 April 2015

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(i) We are expecting to give/ render enough basic needs like food, shelter and clothes to less advantageous children who are homeless orphans and other related children
(ii) Children who are in Tcc-Arusha are benefited to get education and knowledge by helps of me, and you, who are out of Tanzania and inside the Tanzania.
(iii) Security; most of these children  are homeless and they are living in vulnerable environments where by they can be easy manipulated and engaged into bad behavious of robbery into sex workers especially for the girls’ child. Therefore the children will be protected by staying in safe Tcc -Arusha compound and they will raise in good manner, in order to be good citizens of our lovely Tanzania.
(iv) Nevertheless children are taught about their religion of origin or else general religion
(v) Sports and game also is part and parcel of child learning and developing since learning is accompany by the sport and games, physical exercise and mental exercise eg puzzle
(vi)  Tcc-arusha as a ministry of helping and since its non-profit making NGO providing the medical care to sicks children who are staying into Tcc-arusha compound.
(vii)  Since the NGO is growing later on it’s expected to grow as bigger as having its own primary education and high level education.
(viii) Tcc-arusha is providing jobs to the surrounding community as to help the government in reducing the problem of jobless or unemployment people eg security jobs, cooks, child care, volunteers, teachers, this is big impact to the community.
(ix)Tcc-Arusha is a safe day care centre for workers, and other people to bring their children to stay for temporarily. Your children will get meals, being showered, and being guided to study with others and playing.


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