TABASAMU CHILD CARE & OPHANAGE CENTRE is non-profit making charity was formed purposely to support  the unprivileged and vulnerable children, orphans and other relating people who are living in miserable life. Since 1986 after an official eruption of HIV/AIDS in east Africa as the most killing dangerous diseases it has witnessed the an increasing of the death, separation of families, poverty, homeless children and an increase ignorance since the parents have already died for HIV/AIDS. Moreover most of women are dying during giving birth because of excessive blood loosing during deliver its normal to see the mother die and left the child without care. It’s my responsibility it’s your responsibility it’s our responsibility to save, support, care, love, smile, and cherish the child.
Also most of the children run away and escape their home after mother and father divorce, and because of poverty or lack of necessity, and due to that children decide to join the other groups of street children living in street and doing their own bad stuffs like stealing in congested market, stealing in car stations, jumping into people’s walls and robs things like TV sets, radios, decoders, where they are ended in being bitten to die or being set ablaze. Not only that but  also the children harm themselves  or sometime kill themselves by using knives or bush knives or relating sharp devices in struggling to get food, place to sleep, especially when it is raining night, this is because those tools are accessible to environment they are living in.
Moreover the tabasamu Africa as social charity aim at to helping the masai societies who are influenced by physical environment and dry climate without food, water, shelter, education, the masai’s poor standard of living among most of masai society is because of their typical nature of their surroundings. Also  masai societies are affected by polygamies without providing them basic needs like food, shelter, and dresses  seeing that the Tabasamu Africa day care & and orphanage centre excited to support them as the best thing is to give and support  to orphans.
Tabasamu African day care & orphanage centre pity for situation of living without food, clothes, sanitations education and other child basic needs  and desire to smile with the group of children who extremely every corner of Tanzania and African in general. However the centre has no money to help but rather it is expecting support from relative, friends, government and donors from external and internal, including non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), charities and others.
Tabasamu Africa is also intending to provide parental care to those children who doesn’t stay in  tabasamu Africa centre. This will help to get small money to buy food, dresses, and money for hospital during child sickness of children. Our aim is to see the society prosperity, developing and moving forward in all spheres of life socially, economically, politically and culturally. Therefore Tabasamu African day care & orphanage centre will foster the vulnerable children starting from childhood to adulthood and provide those skills on how to conduct business, cookery, tailoring, weaving, embroidery, drawing, decoration, and other economic activities such as gardening. Note that these all activities will be done by children after reach 18 years old.


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